Half-Blood Poems: Inspired by the Stories of J.K. Rowling
by Christine Lowther
Book Description

J. K. Rowling’s HARRY POTTER books are classics of modern fantasy literature which have moved millions of readers with themes that reach to the depths of human existence – the fact of death, the threat of evil, and the power of love and friendship. It is no wonder these epic themes attracted a poet like Christine Lowther. Harry Potter’s losses and struggles have an uncanny resemblance to episodes from her own life which she calls the twelve “Searing Similarities” (detailed in the book’s preface). But like Harry, Christine’s poetry can also soar above the tragic to discover the heroic and beautiful in such poems as “Neville, Unlikely Rebel,” “For Our Wide-Armed Mothers,” and “A Boy’s Hands.” There are seventy-one HALF-BLOOD POEMS divided into seven chapters that correspond with the seven book series. Fans of HARRY POTTER will experience again many of the emotions they felt reading the books – emotions presented most effectively through a poet’s words.

About the Author

Christine Lowther resides on the beautiful shores of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. This is her third published collection of poetry.

Christine Lowther
Praise for Other Books by Christine Lowther

“Her poems come from
the edges of polite society,
of the ocean storm, where unexpected things happen,
where changes occur...”
—Ursula Vaira
Prize-winning Poet and Publisher (Leaf Press)

“Lowther’s first book,
New Power, is an
astonishing collection of heartbreaking force.”
—George Elliott Clarke
Canadian Poet and Playwright

“She has a genius for loci,
the tutelary deity or the
pervading spirit of a place.”
—Anne Burke
Chair, Feminist Caucus,
League of Canadian Poets