Reading WHY I BELIEVE IN NARNIA provides a panoramic view of C. S. Lewis' multi-faceted genius and its application in fields as diverse as social criticism and children's literature. WHY I BELIEVE gathers reviews and essays that span Prof. James Como's many years as a preeminent Lewis scholar, to which the author of Remembering C.S. Lewis and Branches to Heaven has added several new entries. Chapters range from reviews of critical books, documentaries and movies to evaluations of Lewis's books to biographical analysis. In addition to close-up looks, Como reflects on the "big picture" of the most important contributions Lewis has made, not just in literature, but as a social philosopher and reformer. For the serious student of C. S. Lewis, WHY I BELIEVE IN NARNIA is an invaluable tool for appreciating the breadth and depth of Lewis' thinking.

​​"By this book, Jim Como shows himself to be the Babe Ruth of C. S. Lewis critics. With each reading of these forceful essays I gain a greater insight into the man behind the books."
​Walter Hooper, Literary Adviser to the Estate of C.S. Lewis, author of: C.S. Lewis, A Companion and Guide.

​​"A valuable, wide-ranging collection of essays by one of the best informed and most astute commentators on Lewis' work and ideas."
​Peter Schakel, professor, Hope College, author of: Imagination and the Arts in C.S. Lewis

​​"Lewis remarked that the more the Bible is translated, the less people read it. It would be possible that the more people write commentaries on Lewis, the less we read Lewis himself. That cannot be said of these reviews and essays. Como is the rare man who has so absorbed Lewis that one senses the man through him. I cannot think of anyone whose critiques would have pleased Lewis more." George W. Rutler, pastor, Church of Our Savior, NYC,
​author of Coincidently: Unserious Reflections on Trivial Connections.

​​"James Como writes enthusiastically and vividly. His love of C. S. Lewis shines through every sentence. This book should be read by all Lewis fans as well as by the general reader who would like to know more about Lewis."
​​Ian Ker, John Henry Newman scholar, Oxford University, author of: Mere Catholicism.