Virtuous Worlds: The Video Gamer's Guide to Spiritual Truth
by John Stanifer
Book Description
According to a recent report, there were 34.2 million units sold of video game hardware or “consoles” in 2009. This does not include much larger sales numbers for the actual games. Popular titles like Halo 3 and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess fly off shelves at a mind-blowing rate. John Stanifer, an avid gamer, goes beyond a general overview and shows readers specific parallels between Christian faith and the content of their favorite games. Written with wry humor (including a heckler who frequently pokes fun at the author) this book will appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike. Those unfamiliar with video games may be pleasantly surprised to find that many elements in those “virtual worlds” also qualify them as “virtuous worlds.”

John Stanifer holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Indiana University. He has presented research at several prestigious conferences in the Midwest, including the IU Undergraduate Research Conference, the Butler URC, and Taylor University’s “C.S. Lewis & Friends” Colloquium. John says, "I am a geek and unashamed to admit it. The highlight of my year is the Gen Con gaming convention."
John Stanifer
Praise for Virtuous Worlds

Virtuous Worlds is just what anyone would need to bridge the gap between video games and Christianity. Even someone like me who isn’t really a part of any religion can find this book uplifting and supportive.
           ~ Michelle “Akuriko” Morse,
Award-winning cosplayer, featured in Nintendo Power

While video games are often seen as immoral influences, Stanifer takes a more nuanced look. Analyzing a variety of games, he discusses how they support Christian beliefs. This will be a fun read for any Christian gamer and a reassuring one for many parents. 
           ~ Scott Jones, Ph.D., Associate Professor of New Media
              Communication, Indiana University Kokomo

I was surprised and impressed at the number of spiritual lessons John drew from a variety of games. Members of any faith can find tremendous worth in reading this book. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who has the misconception that video games are just for entertainment purposes.
          ~ Laura “Flute Link” Intravia,
             Vocalist and flutist for Video Games Live

In Virtuous Worlds, Stanifer will teach you to play video games better by understanding the spiritual truths of this world. He will also do the reverse: he will teach you to play your life better by understanding the truths of the video gaming world.
          ~ Caleb Grimes,
             Author of Star Wars Jesus

So often Christians are fighting against culture, but John has utilized one of those rarely used gifts: the ability to see God’s Grace working in the world and through the lives of others even when they least expect it.
          ~ Rev. Derek White,
Christian Gamers Guild