Bruce R. Johnson
Bruce is the General Editor of Sehnsucht: The C. S. Lewis Journal and Associate Pastor at Mountain View Presbyterian Church in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Table of Contents & Contributors
Foreword Douglas Gresham 
Preface Bruce R. Johnson 

I. Historical Studies 
1. "Guns and Good Company": C. S. Lewis and The First World War
    Grayson Carter 
2. Solve for X: C. S. Lewis, Charles Lamb, and the Algebra of Friendship
    Diana Pavlac Glyer
 3. C. S. Lewis in America, 1933-1947
    Mark A. Noll 
4. C. S. Lewis and the Oxford English Literature Discussion Group
    Walter Hooper 
5. How Shall We Then Read? George MacDonald and the Beginnings of a Discipline Called "English Literature" 
    Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson 

II. Assessments and Reassessments
6. Planet Narnia Revisited
    Michael Ward 
7. The Figure of Merlin in That Hideous Strength
    David C. Downing 
8. The Theological Imagination: C. S. Lewis as Reader and Author
    Marjorie Lamp Mead 
9. Recovering the Mythical Imagination
    Mark Neal 
10. From Suffering to Service: Edmund's Spiritual Formation 
    Wayne Martindale
11. The Shorter Planetary Fiction of C. S. Lewis
    Bruce R. Johnson
12. Silent No More: Lewis's Cosmological View of Christ's Atoning Work
   Adam J. Johnson 

III. Interactions with
​Contemporaneous or Current Writers
13. C. S. Lewis: Communication Professor
   Steven A. Beebe 
14. Teaching as Translation and the Theological Formation of Imagination
   Maxie B. Burch 
15. Holy Grief: The Pilgrim's Path to Consolation
   Monika B. Hilder 
16. Dorothy L. Sayers and C. S. Lewis at War
   Crystal L. Downing 
17. In the Company of Strangers
   James Como 
18. Across the Western Seas: Longing for the West in Tolkien's Legendarium
   Laura Schmidt 

                Advance Endorsements
​"So much has already been written about Lewis, so many aspects of his life and work so thoroughly explored, that one might think that The Undiscovered Lewis would necessarily be a slim volume! Nothing could be further from the truth. These fascinating essays not only include many new discoveries and fresh insights into his life and work, but also map out a trajectory for future studies. In doing so they honor the insights of Chris Mitchell to whose memory they are dedicated, and who had himself, in a celebrated paper, suggested the structure and topography followed in this volume. In that sense, though it is admirably edited by Bruce Johnson, it is in many respects Mitchell's book. And there is more. As Diana Glyer points out in her excellent essay on "The Algebra of Friendship," friends bring out and augment what is latent in one another. These essays by friends of Chris Mitchell are themselves a testament to how much his friendship and influence augmented their insights into Lewis. Now happily, the fruits of that fine combination of scholarship and friendship are available to augment our understanding too."
Malcolm Guite, author of Faith, Hope and Poetry:   
 ​       Theology and the Poetic Imagination
"The Undiscovered C. S. Lewis is a splendid banquet convening many of the leading Lewis scholars of our time, a fitting tribute to the wholehearted Lewis explorer Christopher Mitchell, and a sure proof that to discover the undiscovered C. S. Lewis is also to be richly educated in the great tradition of Christian literary and imaginative culture from Dante and Bunyan to Coleridge and Dorothy L. Sayers. An indispensable resource for all who wish to deepen their knowledge of Lewis and to follow along on the interlacing intellectual and spiritual paths he traversed.
       Carol Zaleski, co-author with Philip Zaleski of The
      ​ Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings: J.R.R.
      ​ Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Owen Barfield, Charles Williams

'​Carefully researched and lucidly written, these accessible, engaging essays fill in a number of gaps in Lewis studies, drawing out a more nuanced view of the author, his influences, his friendships, his critical reception, and his historica
l moment. They make for a fine tribute to a man who devoted two decades of his life to overseeing the world's best collection of Lewis's letters and manuscripts."
      Louis Markos, author of On the Shoulders of
     ​ Hobbits: The Road to Virtue with Tolkien and Lewis
"The knowledge and personality of Christopher Mitchell must have been engaging, intellectually stimulating, and multifaceted if this volume of essays is in any way a just tribute to him. Truth be told, for those of us who knew Chris, those words in the previous sentence describe him well. Read this collection and enjoy a feast of information and encouragement by watching various Lewis scholars uncover so much more than we ever thought possible to know about C. S. Lewis, and, in the process, learn a bit more about Chris Mitchell."
       Joel Heck, author of Irrigating Deserts: C. S. Lewis
      ​ on Education
and No Ordinary People: 21 Friendships
      ​ of C.S. Lewis
Bruce R. Johnson, Editor
The Undiscovered C. S. Lewis: Essays in Memory of Christopher W. Mitchell
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