C.S Lewis Goes to Hell: A Companion and Study Guide to The Screwtape Letters

​by William O'Flaherty

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  ​   William O’Flaherty 
  ​      creator and host of
   ​       “All About Jack
  a podcast feature of EssentialCSLewis.com


• Enhanced Flexible Study Guide for Individuals or Groups with Suggested Answers

• Topical Glossary of Major & Minor Themes

• Short & Extended Summary of Each Letter

• Seven Appendices of Additional Useful Information

William O'Flaherty

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C.S. Lewis Goes to Hell:
​A Companion and Study Guide ​to
​The Screwtape Letters

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"A good study guide is surprisingly difficult:
​ it must combine accuracy with imagination, it must be generative without being speculative. O'Flaherty delivers.
​I am genuinely excited
​about this important resource."

​Diana Pavlac Glyer, Professor of English 
​Author of Bandersnatch: C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien,
and the Creative Collaboration of the Inklings
C.S. Lewis Goes to Hell by William O’Flaherty is precisely as advertised.
​Part encyclopedia, part plot summary, part analysis, and part discussion guide, this book is a valuable resource for both an individual reader and for a small group interested in exploring in more detail Lewis’s satirical masterpiece.”

Don King, Professor of English and editor of The Collected Poems of C. S. Lewis: A Critical Edition

​​ “O’Flaherty’s Companion to Screwtape is seriously worth any Lewis lover’s time, both for its penetrating study questions and its excellence as a reference tool.”
​ Charlie W. Starr, Professor of English and author of Light: C. S. Lewis’s First and Final Short Story

"Once C. S. Lewis's best-known work, The Screwtape Letters today has been somewhat eclipsed by The Chronicles of Narnia. For those discovering Screwtape for the first time, William O'Flaherty provides clear summaries, useful background information, and helpful discussion questions. Anyone leading a small group study will find this to be a valuable tool."

Devin Brown, Professor at Asbury University and author of A Life Observed: A Spiritual Biography of C. S. Lewis​​
"Presenting The Screwtape Letters as a theatrical stage adaptation has had the wonderful benefit of inspiring hundreds if not thousands of theatre-goers to read Lewis' classic novel. As a result we are often asked to suggest a study guide to help people wrestle more deeply with the themes and insights behind the brilliant, morally inverted universe that Lewis created. William O'Flaherty's thoughtful, copious and insightful volume is what I will be recommending to them.
​It is the best of its kind."
Max McLean, Artistic Director
Fellowship for Performing Arts
New York, NY​

“A worthy resource that will be highly valued by scholars and fans of C.S. Lewis and his masterpiece, The Screwtape Letters. Congratulations and thanks to William O’Flaherty for his diligence and fine work!”
Carolyn Curtis, author of
Women and C.S. Lewis:
​What his life and literature reveal for today culture
"C.S. Lewis Goes to Hell is a comprehensive exploration which delves deep into the psychology of Screwtape and his agenda. Fans of Lewis will relish the wisdom offered here and nurture a renewed appreciation for The Screwtape Letters."

Crystal Hurd, author of
Thirty Days with C.S. Lewis: A Women's Devotional.


C.S. Lewis Goes To Hell: A Companion and Study Guide to The Screwtape Letters - William O'Flaherty
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