C. S. Lewis:
His Literary Achievement
Edward F. Duffy
Adjunct Professor of NT Greek Hartford Seminary

"In the tradition of the apologists, Father Furrer has anticipated the questions, doubts and confusions which can and do arise in human minds on so many points of doctrine. This is a fine book which will serve well in both parish and private study."

The Living Word of the Living God:
A Beginner's Guide  to Reading and   Understanding   the Bible
Josiah Idowu-Fearon, PhD.
Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Kaduna, Nigeria

"A look at the content page of this book is enough to convince anyone in search of a simple but well thought- out book on how to make the Bible relevant to the individual Christian. Canon Furrer has combined his pastoral and academic knowledge into a simple and practical book for the Christian and non- Christian reader in search of knowing what the Bible is all about and its relevance to the twenty-first century. This book is written from the perspective that the Bible is the word of God for times and seasons and that it is relevant to every human situation in whatever part of the world one finds herself or himself.

In an age where absolutes are being relativised, ethics understood as autonomous and Christians being ridiculed for taking seriously the holy Bible as the Word of God; this book could not have been written at a more appropriate time. I recommend it for all who desire to understand the Bible in historical, social and ethical contexts.

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Mark's Gospel
"Of the making of many books there is no end, the Bible tells us, and that is certainly true of Biblical commentaries. There are also introductions to the Bible in more than adequate number it would seem - until you look for just the right one for an inquirers’ class or parish study group. The problem is that the Bible is endlessly interesting and it is all to easy for the author to wander down any of the many side paths that interest scholars but are more likely to confuse the ordinary Christian.

For my money, Tom Furrer’s LIVING WORD OF THE LIVING GOD: A Beginner’s Guide to Reading and Understanding the Bible is about as good as it gets. Working his way through from Genesis to Revelation in eighteen chapters, he lays out the essentials and avoids the distractions." 

  Rev. Chris Webber
Rev. Tom Furrer