Katniss is the heroine who’s changed the world. Like Harry Potter, she’s gotten kids and teens reading. And like Harry, she explodes across genres: She is a dystopian heroine, a warrior woman, a reality TV star, a rebellious adolescent. She’s surrounded by the figures of Roman history, from Caesar and Cato to Cinna and Coriolanus Snow. She’s also traveling the classic heroine’s journey. As a child soldier, she faces trauma; as a growing teen, she battles through love triangles and the struggle to be good in a harsh world. This book explores all this and more, while taking a look at the series’ symbolism, from food to storytelling, to show how Katniss becomes the greatest power of Panem, the girl on fire.

For all the essays and book reports kids write on The Hunger Games, for all the curious fans who want to know who “Cinna” and “Plutarch” were historically, for all the kids confused about the trilogy’s ending, for all the fascinated teachers and scholars, this book will be an invaluable resource

Valerie Estelle Frankel is the author of two books on the heroine’s journey, along with the award-winning Henry Potty parody series. Her book exploring the popular series of books, THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS, is being published by Winged Lion Press in May, 2013 (Myths and Motifs in The Mortal Instruments). Valerie lives (and writes!) in Sunnyvale, California.
 The Many Faces of Katniss Everdeen​:
   Exploring the Heroine of ​ THE HUNGER GAMES
Valerie Frankel
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     Praise for Frankel's previous book,
​                  Katniss the Cattail

      "From Alma Coin to York, from bows and arrows to Snake, and a thorough discussion of Katniss, Peeta and Gale, this book provides historical and literary background information on everyone and everything you could imagine from the books. Civil War admirals, Roman leaders, Persian kings and those made famous by Shakespeare's plays fill its pages. You'll soon discover the characters of Panem mean a lot more than their odd-sounding names.

     Frankel also provides information on "Allusions to Literature and Life," discussing dystopia, history, Greek and Roman mythology and reality TV.

     This is a superb book for any lover of The Hunger Games series. Highly recommended!"

           Review from "The Book Connection"​