About the Author

Will Vaus is the president of Will Vaus Ministries, through which he has creatively communicated the love of Christ around the world since 1988. He is a popular speaker at schools, churches and conferences and the author of the many books, including:

​​Sheldon Vanauken:
The Man who received a Severe Mercy

Speaking of Jack:
A C.S. Lewis Discussion Guide

Keys To Growth:
​Meditations on The Acts of the Apostles

God’s Love Letter:
Meditations on I John

Open Before Christmas
Devotional Thoughts for the Holiday Season

Mere Theology:
A Guide to the Thought of C. S. Lewis

The Professor of Narnia:
The C. S. Lewis Story

Will Vaus
​Over the course of thirty years, Will Vaus has journeyed to the British Isles many times to walk in the footsteps of C. S. Lewis. His private photographs of the significant places in Lewis' life have captured the imagination of audiences in the US and UK to whom he has lectured on the Oxford don and his work. This, in turn, prompted the idea of this collection of 76 full-color photographs, interwoven with details about Lewis' life and work. The combination of words and pictures make this book a wonderful addition to the library of all Lewis scholars and readers.

"Vaus' pictorial guide provides a thorough survey of the places Lewis called home - both the usual sites and many seldom seen. His landscape and architecture photographs show how remarkably little things have changed in over fifty years. In the Footsteps of C. S. Lewis is a visual delight and a welcome reference."
Larry Fink, photographer for the book
In the Footsteps of C.S. Lewis: A Photographic Pilgrimage to the British Isles