In an ever-changing world, new situations arise demanding ethical responses from Christian thinkers. This is particularly true in our modern context with hyper-changes in areas like popular culture. Through a series of essays, Barkman explores the contours of this phenomenon — from movies to comic books, from TV series to novels — attentive to new ideas, or old ideas made new, requiring Christian ethical reflection. Topics such as the ethics of sex, deception, drugs, tattoos, slavery, incest, hypnosis, and gender, to name but a few, are explored Christianly vis-à-vis culture as diverse as Game of Thrones, Sherlock Holmes, Gladiator, The Big Bang Theory, Thor and many others.

"Whether discussing Winnie the Pooh or The Walking Dead, this book digs up buried philosophical treasure. Those who don’t normally think of themselves as philosophically inclined will be surprised and delighted as Barkman rescues philosophy from dry classroom abstractions and reveals how it fills the glorious messiness of everyday life. Both beginners and veterans will find something to chew on here, and, like a good movie, this book is sure to spark conversations that go on long past the closing credits.”
— Dr. Kevin Flatt, Assistant Professor of History, Redeemer University College

“Barkman has an insightful way of tackling tough ethical questions.”
— Prof. Allen Mertes, Professor of Youth Ministry, Prarie Bible College

“Fresh... Insightful... Stimulating. I highly Recommend it.”
  — Dr. Rev. Brent Powell, Senior Pastor, Central Baptist Church Brantford
Adam Barkman
Adam is also the author of

Through Common Things and C.S. Lewis & Philosophy as a Way of Life
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Adam Barkman is an
associate professor of philosophy
at Redeemer College University
in Ontario, Canada
Above All Things: Essays on Christian Ethics and Popular Culture